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Friday, September 19, 2014

Homemade Brown Rice Milk with The Ecosak Nut Milk Bag

I am trying to eliminate dairy from my diet as milk and I do not get along. Consuming less dairy is also better for your body. I from a wonderful way to make rice milk at home that tastes just like the stuff you buy if not better. Homemade rice milk is also so much cheaper that store bought. Rice milk is so simple to make all you need is brown rice, water, and a mesh bag. I use a wonderful Ecosak Nut Milk Bag mesh bag to strain my brown rice as it does a great job of letting the liquid through but not the rice, giving you creamy rice milk. I may never buy store bought rice milk again as this is so easy to make.

The Ecosak Nut Milk Bag are custom-made mesh bags that a specifically designed for making nut and rice milks. This bag is a large size bag with a small mesh so only the liquid comes out when straining. This bag is FDA certified and BPA free. This strong, yet soft bag won't harbor odors or bacteria and is easy to clean. I love that the bag has a draw string closure to keep the food from overflowing. The generous 12"x 10" size of the Ecosak Nut Milk Bag allows you to make large batches of milk at a time. You can even use this bag for making greek yogurt, cold brew coffee, jucing, homemade cheese, and more.

The The Ecosak Nut Milk Bag even comes with step by step instructions on how to make homemade nut milk. This bag is so much better than using cheese cloth. You will even love the price of this Ecosak Nut Milk Bag and it comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back Guarantee.

Homemade Brown Rice Milk

Makes one quart

2 cups cooked brown rice
6 cups water
2 teaspoons vanilla extract if desired for flavor

Combine all ingredients in a blender for 2 minutes or until smooth. Place your Ecosak Nut Milk Bag over a strainer on top of another bowl. Gradually pour the rice mixture into the bag.Close the drawstring tightly. Using a large spoon, press all the milk out of the mesh bag. Once you feel all the liquid is out of the bag, let it sit for a couple of minutes over the bowl. Pour the rice milk into a jar or pitcher with a tight fitting lid and store in the fridge. This will hold for about a week or two. You can save the leftover rice mush to eat like oatmeal for breakfast or mix salt and pepper into it for a great side dish. I like to put cooked spinach and a poached egg on my cooked rice mush.

 This rice milk can be used like regular milk and is great in recipes too. I use my rice milk in coffee. I will be making a homemade coffee creamer with my milk, look for that recipe next week on my blog.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Number One Nutrition Glucosamine Gives Me Healthy Joints So I Can Keep Running

 I am a runner and running can be hard on the joints but I am not going to let that get in my way of fun. I take Number One Nutrition Glucosamine every day to maintain healthy joints in my body so I can keep running as I enjoy doing so. The below picture is me at the finish line of a race called The Dirty Dash. It was a fun one where you ran through a course that had mud and other fun things to climb and slide on.

Number One Nutrition Glucosamine is also great for people experiencing joint pain, joint stiffness, or cracking and popping of joints. Three easy to swallow capsules contain Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM which are responsible for building and keeping healthy cartilages that protect our joints!

So what is Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM?

Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM occur naturally in our bodies. However, their production is decreased over the years. As the bone protecting cartilages become thinner, the bones will not be protected when we move. This will cause much pain and discomfort.

+Glucosamine is responsible for building cartilage, ligaments and tendons
+ Chondroitin helps our joints be more flexible and elastic
+ MSM is fundamental in the creation of collagen, elastin and cartilage

All these work together to keep our joints healthy and allow our body to move. Taking Number One Glucosamine will help you regain control of your life and maintain healthy joints for years to come!


The daily dose of Glucosamine is 3 easy to swallow capsules. I did not experience any side effects from taking these. I love the reassurance of healthy joints as I don't see myself slowing down until I am 100 years old. Now onto finding my next race.

To obtain more information about Number One Nutrition Glucosamine, click on the below links.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BakeitFun Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat Is A Kitchen Must Have Product

  I love silicone baking mats as they are very useful in my kitchen. I received a BakeitFun Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat as a girl can never have too many baking mats. These wonderful mats are great for making cookies as your cookies will never stick to the cookie sheet again. You simply place this FDA approved non-stick mat on your cookie sheet and then put the cookie dough on it. There is no need for greasing your baking sheet as your cookies do not stick to these sheets. I love the circles on the mats for cookie placement. These non toxic baking sheets are reusable and easy to clean. I just soak mine in soapy water and rinse. Then I air dry them and roll it up to store in my kitchen drawer.

The BakeitFun silicone baking mats have many more uses beyond baking cookies. I use my mats for everything as they with stand temperatures from -40 to 450F and Flavors or odors will not penetrate the baking mat either. You can also use them in the microwave too. I use my silicone mats to make chocolate no bake cookies and Cake Pop Truffle Balls, thus saving money on wax paper and parchment paper. I also bake my french fries and roasted veggies on them on them. My fries and veggies do not stick and I do not have to turn them over during baking.


The BakeitFun mat even has a ruler on all sides which is great for rolling out cookie dough or pie crust. These baking mats will save you money as it replaces the need for wax paper and parchment paper. The mats are great for your health too as you don't need to use any grease on your baking pans.

To buy one a BakeitFun non-stick baking mat, click on the below link. They even have a great special price if you buy 2 mats. Trust me, once you try this mat you will want another one. I use 6 silicone baking mats when I make cookies, one for every baking sheet. 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Omega 3 Fish Oil By Vita Optimum Is a Great Way To Get Your Omegas And A Giveaway

There has been much research done with Omega 3 being a great supplement to take to support a healthy heart and cognitive function. My husband had high blood pressure and the doctor wanted to start him on medication. I told my husband that he should try taking fish oil first instead of the prescribed medicine. My husband started taking a fish oil supplement daily and his blood pressure is no longer on the high side. I too take fish oil every day as I want my heart to stay healthy.

Omega 3 Fish Oil By Vita Optimum is a great supplement to take to get those Omega's. This easy to take supplement has 1000 mg of fish oil per softgel. A serving size is 2 softgels and that gives your body 1300 mg of total Omega 3 that contains 800 mg of EPA and 400 mg of DHA. 

This Omega 3 supplement has a super nutrient in it called Astaxanthin that gives it the red color. I love that this softgel is free of mercury, soy, eggs,wheat, peanuts, and shellfish. I usually get indigestion from taking most supplements but not with the Vita Optimum as it has no fish burps in it. This Omega comes from sustainably fished Alaskan Pollock Oil and is made in the USA in a FDA registered, GMP/NSF Certified Facility so you get only the safest, purest ingredients.


This bottle gives you a 3 month supply of softgels and are easy to swallow. I have been taking them for a week and have not had any aftertaste or fish burps. This is a supplement that I will continue taking for the great heart benefits.

For more information on Omega 3 Fish Oil By Vita Optimum, click on the below links.

Vita Optimum has 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - if for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, just let us know and we will issue you a full refund immediately.

I have a bottle of Omega 3 Fish Oil By Vita Optimum to giveaway to one of my readers. Enter on the Rafflecopter form below and good luck!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Power Of The Heart

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/The Power of The Heart

"The Power of the Heart shows how you can overcome limitations in your daily life to find your true potential – and reveals the heart to be a source of love and wisdom that far surpasses that of the mind."

  I received a copy of the book The Power Of The Heart and was intrigue about what to the book was trying to communicate. the message of the book was realizing the power of your heart and how you can connect with it to learn your heart's voice and wisdom. Wow! I know everybody has a heart as we need it to live but this book was telling me that the heart is more than just a organ in our body. The book explains how to listen to your heart’s voice and hear its wisdom. It also explains ways in which you can develop your intuition, create synchronicity, clarify your intentions, and exercise the power of gratitude. All of these – intuition, intention, gratitude, and synchronicity – are also powers of the heart.

   The book has many different exercises to help you learn the power of your heart and how to learn it's voice. The exercises contain lessons and quotes from many spiritual teachers who will help you tap into your full potential of your heart.

 The lesson that I liked was called The Power of Gratitude. The chapter begins with learning that gratitude is the ability to count your blessings and the ultimate way to connect with your heart. The chapter goes on to teach you about how to practice gratitude to connect more with your life. At the end of the chapter there is an exercise called  Three Blessings. To do this lesson you write down 3 things at the end of each day that went well for you. You do this for at least a week and you will feel happier and more grateful, thus feeling more connected to your heart. I already have been doing something similar in my life so these lesson was one I could connect to. As a Christian, when I pray every night, I thank God for things that went well in my day. I know that counting my blessings at the end of the day makes me happy and less stressed. I have learn to look for the good even in little things.

Here is an example of another chapter in the book.

The Your Calling Exercise page (141) To better understand your mission, answer at least 3 of the following questions in a blog post.
  • Who am I?
  • What is it I want?
  • What is my true element?
  • What does my heart guide me to want and to do?
  • What is my life's purpose?
  • Who are my heroes/heroines in history, in fiction and legend, or in religion? What is it that I admire most about them?
  • What are my unique skills and talents for a greater purpose?

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Adovia Natural Facial Moisturizer With Dead Sea Minerals Has Deep Skin Hydration That Lasts All Day

       I live in New Mexico which is desert land. We barely get much rain here and the air is always dry. The dry air makes my skin very dry, especially on my face. I want a thick cream for my face to combat the dryness but I don't want a greasy face. Adovia Natural Facial Moisturizer is just the cream for me. Adovia is a great day and night cream for my face.

. I love that Adovia Natural Facial Moisturizer contains Dead Sea Minerals from the Dead Sea which are great for natural moisturizer balance. It also contains aloe vera gel that calms and soothes my skin to gives me a deep hydration that lasts all day. The cream has a very light pleasant scent to it that I barely can notice when I am using it. I love using this cream both day and night as it makes my skin so soft. 

This cream feels so nice on my face and gives me a natural glow. The cream does not clog my pores either. Adovia Moisturizer is hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. I love that they never test their products on animals.

 Adovia offers a wonderful guarantee:  Buy Risk Free with our 1 YEAR 100%, Unconditional, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee! They are so confident that you will love this daily moisturizer that if you are not satisfied please contact us for a complete refund.

        You can purchase Adovia Natural Facial Moisturizer With Dead Sea Minerals on Amazon.



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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Homemade Yogurt With EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer

I love making my own yogurt as it saves me so much money. I can make 4 quarts of yogurt for the cost of a gallon of milk and one cup of store bought yogurt. The trick to making yogurt is heating the milk to a certain temperature and then cooling it down to another temperature. These temperatures are very important in making the yogurt. If the temperature is to hot it will kill the live yogurt cultures and your milk will not turn into yogurt. If the temperature is to low the cultures won't do their thing either and no yogurt will be made.

I use the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer to make sure my temperatures are accurate. This digital thermometer is durable, reliable and easy to use. I simply place the steel probe into my milk as it is cooking and I get a temperature reading in less than 5 seconds.  When I was using a regular non digital thermometer, it would take a minute or more to get a reading. My arm would get hot from having to hold the thermometer over the pot.

I love that the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer has a Temperature Range of -40F degrees to 450F degrees making it useful from everything from cooking meats to making candy. It also has a two year warranty. The thermometer is also great for outdoor cooking.

To purchase this EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer, click on the below link. 


Homemade Yogurt

1 gallon milk
1 cup powder milk( for creamy yogurt)
1 cup plain yogurt( take out of fridge the same time you take out the milk)
cooking thermometer
electric blanket set to 110 degrees
slow cooker crock and lid

Pour milk into a pan and stir in powder milk. Heat milk over medium high to 185 degrees and stir often. 
Remove from stove and place pan in a sink of cold water, make sure not to get any water in the milk mixture. Let the milk cool too 110 degrees, this takes about 10 minutes or so. Pour the milk into a slower cooker crock and stir well. Place lid on the crock and wrap with preheated electric blanket set to 110 degrees. Leave crock under the blanket for 12 hours. It is tempting to look at it while under the blanket, but no peeking, just leave it alone.Then place crock in fridge for another 12 hours. It is important to not stir the yogurt or move it while it is in the fridge for those 12 hours. This will disturb the process, just simply place in the fridge and leave alone.After the 12 hours, spoon yogurt into containers. This yogurt will be good for about 3-4 weeks in the fridge. Make sure to save a cup of yogurt for your next batch.

I am always amazed that my milk turns into yogurt. I saved quart yogurt containers from store bought yogurt to store my yogurt in. This recipe makes 4 quarts of yogurt or 16 cups. For more information on making yogurt click on the below link.

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